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Buying Guides


As of May 1, 2014 we have instituted a new grading system for our used skis. Previously listed skis will have the Original Grading System applied to them. (Be sure to read the Original Grading System, as it contains valuable information about the condition of our skis.) Please look at the grade located at the end of any listing title and refer to the grades below:

New Grading System for Used Skis:

To simplify our grading system we have developed three grades of used downhill skis. They are Gold, Standard and Value and are designated with a "G",  "S" or "V" in our listing titles.

Gold - These skis are the highest quality used skis we offer. The skis will have chip sizes no larger than 1/2 inch in the top sheet (see the "A" designation below.) The skis will have scratches in the top sheet and there may be some scratches or nicks on the bindings. All chips will be repaired on the top sheet, the edges will be sharpened and the bases will be sanded smooth and a storage wax will be applied prior to shipment. (See "Storage Wax Note" below.) Generally, our "Gold" skis will have the least amount of "wear and tear" on them and will have the longest useful life.

Standard - Our Standard skis are sold just as they have been received by our warehouse. We check the bindings for proper operation, core shots and delamination and remove any unsafe skis. Chip sizes in the top sheet will be approximately 1/2 to 2 inches in length. The skis will have scratches and nicks on the top sheets, bases and bindings. To provide you with the lowest prices possible the chips will not be repaired. In addition, we will not sharpen the edges or sand and wax the bases. If you are trained skier or have a favorite ski technician these skis will provide you with the very best value! We realize not everyone has a ski technician on their speed dial. So, we are offering the following services at 1/2 our normal shop prices when you purchase them at the same time as your skis.

Edge and Base Service: For $17.50 we will professionally grind and sharpen the edges of the skis, sand the bases and apply a storage wax. (See "Storage Wax Note" below.)

Top Sheet Repair : For $37.50 we offer a full service repair of the top sheet for your skis. All of the top sheet chips will be repaired and epoxy sealed. Any gouges in the bases will be filled with p-tex and smoothed. Your edges will be ground and sharpened, bases will be sanded and a storage wax will be applied to the skis. (See "Storage Wax Note" below.)

Value - Our "Value" skis are not the prettiest pair of skis. We check the bindings for proper operation, core shots, delamination and remove any unsafe skis. Chip sizes in the top sheet will be larger than 2 inches in length. The skis will have scratches and nicks on the top sheets, bases and bindings. They may have other cosmetic damage such as a missing emblem, broken plastic on the bindings, torn covers etc.  As with the "Standard" grade skis we will not sharpen the edges or sand and wax the bases. "Value" skis can be a great way to save money if you are not concerned about appearance. We realize not everyone has a ski technician on their speed dial. So, we are offering the same tune services at 1/2 our normal shop prices when you purchase them at the same time as your skis.  See "Edge and Base Service" and "Top Sheet Repair" above. 


Original Grading System:

We have created this guide to provide you with a general overview of the way we grade the condition of our skis. We have three basic conditions of skis: - New - Demo - and Used - Our skis will fall into one of these three general categories. In addition, we will list skis with various chip sizes from A to D in the title. ("A" is the smallest, about 1/2 inch or less and "D" is the largest and can be several inches in length.) "N" denoted skis are skis without noticeable chips in the top plate. These chips will be repaired by our trained ski technicians and they do not affect the performance or life of the skis. When a listing has no letter designation then there are no repaired chips on the top plate of the skis. If there is any specific damage to the skis beyond normal scratches, chips, minor gouges etc. we will put that in the individual item description. 

Our ski technicians carefully review each ski as it comes into our warehouse. If the skis have serious de lamination, core shots, damaged edges or other major problems they will be removed from our stock and discarded. You may expect to receive skis that are fully functional and safe to use. In addition to the inspection our trained ski technicians will make minor repairs of the chips, gouges and nicks. As needed they will sand the bases and apply a storage wax. Finally, they will sharpen the edges so the skis are ready to go down the mountain!

Storage Wax Note: If a storage wax is applied to your skis they will need to be scraped prior to skiing. You may do this by taking a hard plastic edge (such as an ice scraper) and gently scrape the bases until you have a smooth surface. Or, when you get your bindings set have the ski tech at your local shop do the scraping. Either way there is no need to have your skis waxed again.

NEW - We are a sports liquidation company. As such, we have a number of suppliers for our skis including ski resorts, retail sporting goods, ski manufacturers etc. Our new skis will never have been skied on prior to sale to our customers. However, they may have small scrapes, scratches or nicks that are typical of handling and storage in a warehouse setting. The manufacturer's warranty is still valid on all of our new ski sales.

DEMO - These skis may have light scratches to the top plates and maybe a small nick or two on the top plate or the sidewall. Tips could have light chatter marks.

USED - These skis will be former rental skis we purchased from ski resorts, ski shops, sporting goods stores that have been reviewed and reconditioned by our trained ski technicians. Generally the skis will have moderate to heavy scratching, repaired chips and gouges and will have seen light to heavy service for 1 to 4 years. We try very hard to provide representative pictures of our skis but some blemishes do not photograph well. If you are purchasing skis for $69.99 expect it to have more scratches and wear than the same pair of skis we sell for $199.99.

Youth Skis: All of our youth rental/used skis will show moderate to heavy scratching with some chips. This is cosmetic in nature and will not affect the performance of the skis.

 Below are samples of various blemishes and repairs: (All of the chips will be repaired and will not affect the performance or longevity of your product.)

N - Denotes no noticeable chips in the top plate.

A - Denotes a chip(s) that are smaller than 1/2 inch in size.

B - Denotes a chip(s) that are between 1/2 and 1 inch in size.

C - Denotes chip(s) that are smaller than 2 inches in size.

D - Denotes any chip(s) that are larger than 2 inches in size.

R - This ski has a repair or minor defect that is not a repairable chip and should be noted in the description.


A Sized ChipB Sized ChipC Sized ChipD Sized ChipTypical RepairPtex Repair

* We used a photo of this snow board because once we sand the bases on the skis you generally can not see the repairs.  This orange base gives a good contrast for the photo.

damaged Plate

Some skis have broken pieces such as this binding that has the front of the plate missing.  These broken pieces will not affect the performance of the binding/skis or its longevity.  These will be noted in the item description and designated with an R after the title. If a part is broken and it affects the ski 's performance or safety we will remove it from our stock and dispose of it.

Tip ChatterTail ChatterLight ScratchingMedium ScratchingHeavy Scratching




New to snowboarding? Looking for a guide to help you?

Well here are a few things when it comes to buying a snowboard...

Choosing the correct size of board:

There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a snowboard in order to get the right board for you!Boards are designed, not only according to the board’s size, but for various terrain, conditions and personal preferences. The size chart can be a guide in choosing a board, but other factors should also be takin into consideration. A board that reaches your chin or mouth  is the best length for you.


Basic snowboard size chart

A snowboard size chart can use the following factors to determine the correct board size:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Boot size
  • Gender
  • Ability

A chart can give you the length and the width for the snowboard that is right for you. The basic formula used in a size chart is to take the rider’s height in inched to get the board length.  Use the chart below to help:


Snowboard Sizing

Length is not the only element that is important when choosing a board. The board’s width should also be considered. If you get a board that is too narrow, then your heel and toe may drag. A board that is too wide will not respond well to your direction. Use the following guide based on boot size to determine board width:

  • If you wear a boot that is a size 8 or smaller, a board that is 24cm or less wide at the waist would work for you.
  • for those that have a lager boot size, a board that is 26cm wide at the waist is your best bet.

Another consideration when choosing a board size is the person’s weight. A heavier person will need a longer board than a person who is smaller in size. Smaller boarders should use shorter boards that are more flexible. Please refer to the chart above.

Other things to consider:

In addition to consulting a size chart, there are other factors to consider. They type of board depends on your ability. Beginners will use a different board than those who are more experienced. A beginner board will have a basic design and be heavier. A more advanced boarder will have a lighter board that is designed for more advanced techniques.

If you plan on boarding in a specific area, your board should be tailored to those conditions. Like all sports equipment, the better the quality the board, the better the ride. Great way to save on a great board is to check out! Get a great board and enjoy the ride!

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